Visit to Albert Hall


Marvelous is the word for this picture as the lights and the colors are as if we are seeing it become alive. It was on 15th August 2016 when I captured this picture so I got something more special than usual. I want to tell you an incident about this place, when I was small I went there with my family but then I got lost and separated from all my family members, they were upset then after half hour of search they finally found me and at that time they got to know that I was sitting in the garden near them while they were searching other places. In a way I have always felt safe here so this place will always be close to my heart.


Visit to Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal – the palace of winds. What a remarkable building. Its beauty is enriched by its construction in red sandstone. The combination of small as well as big windows makes it look interesting. And when it clear blue sky like this it takes its beauty to the next level of brilliance. There are also variety of shops nearby, so you have so much to shop and look for. Looking at this structure I always ponder to capture from which angle and I figure its best that you shoot from the windows so you can enjoy the winds and the amazing view as well .